Deadbolt locks are very important to your front doors security. The standard door knob with a lock is very easy to defeat. When it comes time to change an existing deadbolt or add a deadbolt to your door, you have several choices. The initial type of deadbolt is a single cylinder deadbolt. These kinds of locks have a key cylinder on only one side of the lock. The benefit of this type of lock is that you do not require a key to open it from the inside. The difficulty is that if you have a door with glass or a window next to your door, a robber would only have to break the glass to reach the lock and get entrance to your residence. Westchester Locksmith can assist you to choose innovative locks for your better security.

The next kind of lock is the double cylinder deadbolt. This lock will have a keyed cylinder on each side of the lock. There is no knob and you must have a key to unlock it. The benefit of this type of lock is that it is more protected than a single cylinder one. It is also nice if you have small kids in your home as they would be not capable to open a door without the key. The disadvantage is that it can be hard to open in an emergency. If you cannot find the key, you cannot get out.