Assessing the Security Risks

It is imperative to find efficient ways to make sure that keys are not being duplicated devoid of your knowledge or authorization. You require knowing the number of people opening the doors in order to have a measure of control. Find out the number of keys that have been concerned, and set up who holds the keys. If you cannot control key replication, you may have a predicament in your hand. Assessing the risks will help you to agree on the finest ways to improve your security program.

Solving the Security Problem

There are steps that can assist you to build up the best key control policies. Some measures that you can take include using a patented keying system and designing an efficient master-key system. Where required consider re-keying your facility so that you can control the number of keys available. Change the locks were indispensable and sign out new keys making sure that you know who has accountability for them. Most types of keys can simply be duplicated and this is why you require a patented keying system.

Work With a Highly Regarded Locksmith

It is imperative to make sure that you work with a trustworthy company any time you require locksmith services. Using the same company any time you require to duplicate keys will help to make sure that you have some control. A highly regarded locksmith loris should have a system to record the details of the keys cut and to confirm identification details.