As per the availability of locksmiths is concerned, they are everywhere from urban areas to rural and also in remote areas locksmiths can be easily available. Locksmiths provide various kinds of services to their clients from lock installation to lock removal and from the lock repairing to lock picking all are going to perform by them. For executing their actions properly locksmiths use some special kinds of tools like lock installation mainly center fitting type in that case they use a specific drill machine and screwdriver kind of stuff. For padlock series of locks, there is no need for performing lock installation process for that taking a lock and hanging it on the door is just to do the thing. Locksmith community from earlier times deals with just hardware-based system only but now with the onset of electronic configuration based locking system locksmith also use the electronic system as their tools. Reston Locksmith is a professional company known for handling modern tools and components for performing locksmithing practices.