In the region of Columbus, you can commonly see a particular series of lever handle locks. They are installed in almost all type of commercial sector along with in some residential sector also. A lever handle is one of the major locks used traditionally to date. Other locks manufactured by locksmith columbus ohio are padlocks, mortise lock, deadbolts lock; knob locks both single- and double-cylinder systems.

Lever handle lock is based on the combination of two different equipment fitted on a single frame. Such type of locks is mostly preferred on the wooden door but now it can be used on the door made up of aluminum. Lever handle slides the metal rod for actual locking and unlocking and the other equipment is keyhole arrangement in which rotating cylinder system is used. This thing in combined form provides double security.

This lock is operated with the help of a mechanical key and for temporary security, only lever handle lock is sufficient. This keyhole also sometimes modified by replacing it with an interchangeable core cylinder.