The functionality of a locksmith is mainly dependent upon the security components that are mainly used by locksmiths for securing different things and places. Locksmiths nowadays gain a lot of popularity by introducing a wide range of locking systems some are new and innovative and some are upgraded versions of the traditional locking system. A padlock is the best example of an upgraded form of locking system. In earlier times mainly before the twentieth-century locksmiths are only bound to suggest key specific padlocks but later with time locksmith for little changes in the padlocking concept and came up with the combination-based padlock system. Combination series of padlocks don’t require any mechanical key for operation and this is the best advantage to have a keyless lock in the form padlock. Combination series of padlocks reduces the headache of carrying a lock key all the time. Locksmith Plano like to use latest invention-based locks and such thing indicates their good mindset in terms of security within the market