Locksmiths are always famous for designing various superior locking systems. In past centuries locksmiths were famous for using a manual configuration-based locking system during service and in this modern century locksmiths were famous for using an electronic-based locking system. The higher use of electronic locks doesn’t indicate that the locksmith boycott manual based locking system completely. When it comes to manual locking various locks included in this category are padlock series of locks, pin tumbler locks of both original and upgraded versions, deadbolt locks, knob lock, lever handle locks, and many other. On the other side various locks included in the category of electronic-based locking systems, some of them are biometric locking solutions, personal identification number based locking systems, card swipe technology based locking system, etc.

Locksmith Lewisville uses both a combined version of the electronic and manual based locking system. Both these types of locks are installed only after analyzing the condition of the client and the situation of the client space.